Order High School Pictures

As you could in the past, on the Bradley Digital website you can view and choose which pictures you would like to order.  But now, you no longer have to fill out a form and mail it along with payment to Bradley Digital (although that is still an option).  Instead you can now shop online and pay with a credit card or your PayPal account.  Expect to receive your pictures in the mail much quicker than in the past.  Plus, there are many new picture products from which to choose.

Step 1:  Select the name of your child's school

Step 2:  Enter the password provided by your school

Step 3:  Select your child's event

Step 4:  Find your child's picture

Step 5:  Click the Buy button

Step 6:  Choose to download, the print size or one of the many new picture products

Step 7:  Pay using either a credit card or your PayPal account


Quantity Discount

Contact Us for discounted pricing on download of over 20 images.

New Bradley Digital ProductsNew Bradley Digital Products